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Microneedle Scalp Roller

Microneedle Scalp Roller

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If you're seeking that added boost for hair growth, incorporating the Scalp Roller into your routine is essential! Introducing the  nůbe Micro Needle Scalp Roller, a certified innovation crafted to revolutionize your hair care regimen and deliver outstanding results in promoting hair growth. Meticulously designed with precision, this roller boasts the finest stainless-steel needles, guaranteeing unparalleled effectiveness in stimulating your scalp for optimal hair growth.



Made from ecofriendly ABS material, these stainless-steel needles are not only safe and non-toxic but also gentle on the skin. Plus, they feature a comfortable anti-skid grip design on the handle for easy handling. Sustainably and comfortably with our finest stainless-steel needles!

Certified by CE, RoHs, and ISO13485

How To Use

Reminder to always disinfect the roller with alcohol and rinse with warm water before and after every use. Let it air dry.

Comb hair neatly and part to expose the scalp where you want to roll.

Roll smoothly in one direction or along the direction of brushed hair.

Lift the roller at the end of each roll and start again at the front.

Part hair as needed, avoiding tangles or cutting strands.

Gently roll the derma roller horizontally, vertically, and diagonally about 4-5 times in each direction.

Apply gentle pressure for a slight prickling sensation but avoid pain.

After rolling, apply desired hair oil to promote hair growth.

Use the roller once a week or every other week for best results.

Remember, this item is for personal use only and should not be shared.

If you have any wounds, open skin, or sunburn on the scalp, wait until it heals before using the roller.



What are the benefits of using the scalp derma roller?

Increase collagen production

Stimulated blood circulation

·       Scalp micro-needling may help promote healthier hair

Derma rolling allows hair oil to penetrate deeper into the scalp for better results.

How often should I derma roll my scalp?

Once per week. Avoid Overuse: Stick to the recommended frequency of 1 time per week. Using the scalp derma roller too often can irritate the scalp and slow the healing process.

How do I Clean my Scalp Derma Roller? 

Rinse the scalp derma roller with warm water to remove any debris. Fill a small cup or bowl with isopropyl alcohol (at least 70% concentration). Place the scalp derma roller in the cup or bowl of alcohol for at least 5-10 minutes to let the alcohol disinfect the needles. After disinfecting, rinse the scalp derma roller with warm water and let it air dry before you place it back in the case. 

Can I use the scalp derma roller without using a hair oil?

The scalp derma

roller is a device designed to create tiny punctures on the scalp, enhancing

the absorption of hair oil. Nonetheless, we strongly caution against using the

scalp roller independently, as it may cause open pores and increase the risk of

infections. To achieve optimal results, it is essential to apply a suitable

scalp oil after using the scalp derma roller.

Is it common to feel some sensation on my scalp while using the scalp roller?

Feeling a tingling sensation when using the scalp roller is typical and anticipated. With regular use, your scalp will gradually adjust to this sensation. It's crucial to remember to use the scalp roller only once a week to prevent overstimulation. 

Can I use the scalp roller on a dirty scalp?

Do not use the scalp derma roller on your scalp if your scalp is dirty or very oily. The tiny needles will push any residue or oils into your scalp during the rolling process, and this can increase the risk of irritation and infections.

‍Make sure your scalp has been washed relatively recently before starting your derma rolling session.


When do I replace the scalp derma roller?
For peak

performance, it's advised to replace the roller every three months. As the

needles gradually lose their sharpness, using a roller with dull needles

becomes ineffective at making micro penetrations in the outer layer of your


Is the scalp derma roller also for men?

Yes, this product is also effective for men.

If I experience flakes on my scalp after using the scalp derma roller, is this normal?

 If you experience flakes after using the scalp roller, it may indicate that your scalp is too dry. If you have inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, dandruff, eczema, or scalp acne, it's best to see your dermatologist and treat these conditions before using the derma roller.

Do I roll the scalp derma roller back and forth on the scalp?

Rolling back and forth on the scalp without lifting the derma roller up can be a recipe for tangles and ripped-out hair.

Comb the hair neatly and part the hair to reveal the scalp in the area you want to roll over. Then, push to derma roller in one direction smoothly with the part or with the direction of the brushed hair. At the end of the roll, lift the derma roller up and reset at the front for another roll. 

Continue by parting the hair multiple times as needed to get access to the area of the scalp you want to stimulate before rolling, while taking care to not tangle the hair or accidentally snip off a few strands by going against the direction of the brushed hair.

Can I use the scalp derma roller on wet or tangled hair?

Wet and tangled hair can be difficult to get out of the way and the dampness can increase the risk of infection. Only derma roll when your hair is clean and dry and can be safely brushed neatly in one direction before derma rolling.

How many minutes should I derma roll my scalp for?

Less is more. You do not want to derma roll for a very long period of time.

For your first few tries, 2-3 minutes may be all that you need to get things started.

‍Once you have gotten the hang of it, 5 minutes of derma rolling may be all you need. At the very most, try to keep your derma rolling sessions to under 10 minutes.

Do I have to be consistent with using the derma roller?

As with most treatments, consistency is key. If you want to really give derma rolling a try, plan on using this technique once a week for 3-6 months to see if there are any benefits for you.

If you only use your derma roller once, or sporadically just a few times, it is unlikely you will see almost immediate results. Take care to pick a treatment day and time and stick with it!

How much pressure do I apply with my scalp derma roller?

Applying too much pressure when derma rolling can be damaging to your scalp and hair follicles. It can increase the risk of infection.

Press down firmly enough that you can feel the derma roller, but not so hard that you are experiencing pain.

‍How many times do I roll over the same area?

Roll over the same portion of the scalp 4-5 times horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, but anything more than that may be too much.

You want to stimulate the scalp, but you don’t want to irritate it or cause intense damage. 4-5 times should be adequate to give results but listen to your skin and opt for fewer passes if that feels like too much.



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