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Hair Growth Comb

Hair Growth Comb

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Promote the growth of thicker, healthier hair with our Hair Growth Comb. This device delivers therapeutic light directly to your hair follicles, while effectively addressing your hair loss, reversing thinning, restores your hair growth cycle, and enhances density and fullness. 

Before use

Before using the product, please read the product instructions carefully to ensure correct usage instructions and precautions.

For best results, we recommend using our device with hair serums and hair oils for best results. Comb is suitable for dry hair or damp hair or tangled hair. Do not use on overly wet hair. Do not use the device while it's charging. Properly store comb. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets, and away from high temperatures, humidity, or direct sun

Daily use

After you have turned on your laser device, place it flat on your scalp so that both rows of the teeth are touching your scalp.

Start at your hairline. Move the device from front to back of scalp in a slow combing motion, pausing every ½ inch (1cm) for 4 seconds. Do not lift the device off your scalp while combing from front to back. Next, lift your laser device off your scalp and start at a new position at the hairline.

Continue in this manner from front to back and then side to side until you cover your entire scalp with multiple passes. Repeat these passes for the total treatment of 5-8 minutes


Three modes with different vibration intensity and frequency are available. Please start with the lowest setting.

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Lets talk about it

Our device massages the scalp deeply to increase blood circulation, secondary scalp movement, and hair growth. This revives dormant hair follicles and promotes stronger, thicker strands. Its tiny and cordless design makes this growth comb easy to use at anytime, anyplace. To rejuvenate your scalp, glide the device over your scalp daily for a few minutes. It works for all hair types and may be easily integrated into your daily hair care routine. We advocate applying hair serums and oils with our growth comb for best results. Our comb has been clinically proven to improve hair density and thickness, making it a trusted alternative for non-invasive hair loss and thinning treatments.

Take Control of Your Hair Health. Our Hair Growth Comb is safe, effective, and handy for hair loss or healthy hair growth. Regain confidence and get a thicker, more colorful mane with each use.